Yoga Breathing

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Basic Breathing Two



  • Sit in a comfortable convenient posture;

  • Exhale slowly and completely through both nostrils, emptying air completely from lungs by pulling in your stomach and also your chest simultaneously;

  • Once the exhalation is complete, hold the breath for a few seconds;

  • Slowly start inhalation through both the nostrils again and push both chest and stomach simultaneously out as they fill with air. Once the lungs are completely filled, hold a few seconds. This completes once cycle of breathing.

  • Repeat this process for at least 5 times.


Therapeutic Advantages

  • Refreshes the entire body system;

  • Heal disorders of liver and spleen;

  • Helps to cure low fever and piles;

  • Helps remove bad breath;

  • Strengthens the vocal chords.