Yoga Breathing

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Cleansing Blood Vessels and Arteries


In this breathing exercise, the entire blood vessels and arteries are cleansed and the entire nervous system is toned up. It is the breathing system that regulates the entire body functions.



  • Sit in a comfortable and relaxed posture. The body should be straight and relaxed;

  • Exhale completely through both nostrils;

  • Close the right nostril with your right thumb, while putting the index and middle fingers on the forehead above the bridge of the nose and start inhalation through your left nostril. Once the inhalation is complete, close the left nostril with the last and ring finger and hold the breath for about 3 to 4 seconds.  

  • Release the right thumb from right nostril and start exhalation from the right nostril completely. Hold for a few seconds. 

  • This completes one cycle.

  • Continue the process with the same right hand for another 2 cycles.

  • Then repeat another 3 cycles with the left hand.