Spa Operations Manual


The Spa Operations Manual was developed with funding assistance provided by the European Union AsiaInvest Programme to enhance the capacity of spa operators and owners. It was created by an editorial board comprising members of the Spa Association of Philippines, Thai Spa Association, Association of Malaysian Spas and the Bali Spa and Wellness Association. 


The Spa Operations Manual (SOP) provides valuable information and tools to the spa owner and operator and acts as a comprehensive guide for the development of an in-house spa operating manual.  The information is designed to act as a framework to create an SOP to meet each organizations specific needs and situations. It is also a recommended reference for all spa related training institutions.


The SOP is divided into two main sections:


  • General Operating Policies –5 Modules

  • Standard Procedures In Operating A Spa –13 Modules

  • Sample Forms


Priced at only RM350 for members and RM550 for non members excluding postage charges.