Training Manual for

Spa Therapists


The Training Manual for Spa Therapists was developed with funding assistance provided by the European Union AsiaInvest Programme to enhance the capacity of spa operators and therapists. It was created by an editorial board comprising members of the Spa Association of Philippines, Thai Spa Association, Association of Malaysian Spas, and the Bali Spa and Wellness Association. 


The comprehensive Training Manual for Spa Therapists comprising 148 pages of valuable professional training information is now available to spa owners and operators around the world. This valuable training tool is designed to enhance in-house spa training programs as well as provide useful reference material for therapists. It is a recommended reference for all spa related training institutions.


The Training Manual is divided into three main sections:


  • The Professional Spa Therapist 8 Modules

  • Anatomy & Physiology complete with training charts –13 Modules

  • Swedish Massage –2 Modules


Each module includes a quiz to test participant knowledge and a final exam.


Priced at only RM500 for members and RM700 for non members excluding postage charges.